Covid-19 Response

Faced with the challenges surrounding the problem of the pandemic linked to the occurrence of COVID-19 in Burundi, IPROSARUDE had organized an  integrated project that had  reduced the negative impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations in the area of intervention and develop resilience in the face of COVID-19. The project  have two aspects: one aspect on capacity building for providers of clinics, community projects and community leaders, awareness of the populations on prevention measures and means of protection individual and collective against COVID-19 and an aspect of community development to reduce the economic impact of COVID-19 and allow the resilience of communities in the face of the pandemic.

IPROSARUDE trained the aforementioned providers so that they  had relayed  the message to community relays (groups of health workers, VSLA supervisors, leaders of religious denominations, young volunteers followed in the sexual health program. and reproductive in adolescents and young people, etc.) and the latter had  decentralized the message to the population up to the hill level on the means of transmission of COVID-19. Note that after the training, IPROSARUDE had played  the role of’ a coach during cascade training up to the hill level.

IPROSARUDE had  set up a minimum emergency system (DMU) per intervention zone, the distribution of individual protection kits, collaborate with the NGO “SaCoDe by asking this NGO to send messages on the means of prevention and protective measures against COVID-19 and collection of epidemiological data .This platform relayed  accurate information on COVID-19 and allowed  people to interact by asking questions about the disease in order to reduce rumors relating to it.

After the cascade training of providers to the hill level, IPROSARUDE had built communication networks between providers and community leaders including VSLA.

The project   supported also  the screening of all contact cases with the person tested positive for COVID-19.