Our programs

Our Strategic plan

Strategic planning has been the process by which IPROSARUDE officials have developed the general objectives, policies and strategies that will facilitate the acquisition, use and allocation of ressources. Faced with an ever-changing environment and capacities, IPROSARUDE adopted a process of updating its 2017-2020 strategic plan, which allowed it to re-analyze the organization’s vision and mission, its fundamental values, its key objectives, its areas of specialization, its strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and threats, its activities and, in addition its short-and medium-term subjects or areas of decision making.

In this way, IPROSARUDE intends to better align itself with this logic of contribution to health for all, with an emphasis on rural health, by updating its strategic plan.

Our Programs

Improving Community Health

IPROSARUDE carries out diseases prevention programs through awareness raising campaigns. We use various communication channels to reach out to different communities across Burundi and we cover topics related to WASH, environmental protection to fight against global warming, malnutrition through the promotion of healthy diets adoption to name a few. We also educate young people about sexual reproductive health.

Per year around 100 000 peoples received  health informations.

In collaboration with care international,125912 youth peoples   between 10-24 ans  had received differents services  in SRH.


Biraturaba Project
In partnership with CARE International-Burundi, IPROSARUDE (Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement) contributed to the...
Joint program Menyumenyeshe
Iand rights (SRHR). Key challenges include limited access to correct information and services about SRHR, as well as limited support...
In Burundi, precancerous lesions accounted for 10% of women in routine gynecological consultations in 2000 compared to 16% in 2008....
Project to improve the well-being of the vulnerable population
IPROSARUDE and AVEDEC have initiated a Project called Community Health in vulnerable people. This project was carried out for 28...
Tubakarorero Project
The Tubakarorero project is funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Burundi. Iprosarude is implementing it in the provinces of Gitega,...
Nkuriza Project
Project goal: To contribute to improving the health of the population by promoting maternal and child health, with greater emphasis...

Access to health services

IPROSARUDE operates 3 health units in 3 rural provinces of BURUNDI:

  1. The Kayogoro Hope Center, in the south of Makamba province
  2. Hope Polyclinic in Gitega( Central Province of BURUNDI, Gitega Province)
  3. Mwaro Hope Medical Center in Mwaro Province
  4. A new center will be opened soon in the north of the country (Kayanza province)

To date,IPROSARUDE has provided 333173 services with 6747 dental  care ,124528  eye care ,160200 in SRH .

In 2016,IPROSARUDE was the 1st in ophthalmology services  at national level with 39,94% with 14650/36676 .


Polyclinique Espoir de Gitega
Gitega is the province with a very high population at the national level with around 900 000 people with a...
Clinique Espoir de Mwaro
It’s a project to promote clinical services among population in rural areas, especially among vulnerable people. The present project aims...
Centre medical Espoir de Kayogoro
It’s a project to promote clinical services among population in rural areas, especially among vulnerable people. The present project aims...
Polyclinique Espoir de Kayanza
It’s a project to promote clinical services among population in rural areas, especially among vulnerable people. The present project aims...
In the context of strengthening access to specialized services in rural areas IPROSARUDE, in collaboration with RAYMOND’s Rotary Club, has...
In rural areas, access to HIV / AIDS care services is limited, HIV / AIDS care services are concentrated in...
Covid-19 Response
Faced with the challenges surrounding the problem of the pandemic linked to the occurrence of COVID-19 in Burundi, IPROSARUDE had...
Wheelchair distribution project for the handicapped
The objective of this project was to contribute to the acquisition and distribution of 62 wheelchairs in favor of the...

Support for the promotion of substainable development

IPROSARUDE’s contributes also to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. We work with rural communities helping them to develop agricultural projects and we provide to them livestocks so that they can elevate their living standards.

 Moreover, they form village saving groups (VSLAs) which allow them to run small businesses, through this program, 240 VSLA were set up with 6480 members.


Establishing and managing VSLAs in the province of Mwaro project
As part of the implementation of the SR-AMAGARA MEZA projec (Establishing and managing  VSLAs in the province of Mwaro project)  implemented...
The youth volunteer program is an indispensable instrument for youth mobilization and engagement in development and peace initiatives. Young people...

Strengthening Governance and Knowledge Management

IPROSARUDE has set up a research and development unit (RDU) composed of multidisciplinary experts.

With this program, 3 researches were done:

  1. The study of knowledge, attitudes and practices among women of childbearing age on the cervical cancer was launched on a sample of 206 women of reproductive age in the health district of Gitega.
  2. Impact of the anthropic activities on the vegetable settlements of the National park of Rusizi in BURUNDI/cases of the sector palm plantation,
  3. Impact of maternal breastfeeding practices on nutritional status in children less than two years in Burundi


According to the needs, IPROSARUDE decided  to create a training, information and research center, known as HUB-IPROSARUDE in Gitega. This...
Magara ++
In order to strengthen access to information among young people whose access to complete and quality information is limited, in...
RDU: Research Development Unit
The mission of the Research and Development Unit (RDU) ​​is to contribute to the search for new information (knowledge management)...