In Burundi, precancerous lesions accounted for 10% of women in routine gynecological consultations in 2000 compared to 16% in 2008. Cervical cancer is the leading gynecological cancer and the leading cause of cancer death in women. Cervical cancer accounted for 34.9% of all cancer-related deaths with 1429 deaths according to the 2014 WHO report. In our country, the lack of the screening program and adequate management of cancer cases make that morbidity and mortality related to cervical cancer is the most important (more than 70% of women consult at the inoperable stage).

According to the study conducted by IPROSARUDE in 2016 in the Gitega health district, revealed that 53% of respondents had heard the word cancer, of which 6.3% knew the cause (HPV), 26.3% had an idea about screening services, of which only 6.3% had attended screening services, It is in this context that IPROSARUDE organized sensitization, training and screening activities on
cervical cancer screening.

The main objective is to contriibute to reduce cervical cancer mortality by screening cervical cancer in Burundi.

The specific objectives are:

  • To sensitize the Gitega and Mwaro women for screening of cervical cancer
  • To strengthen the capacity of 23 providers for cervical cancer screening
  • Offer screening services for at least 400 women in indication according to WHO standards