Magara ++

In order to strengthen access to information among young people whose access to complete and quality information is limited, in particular on the SSRAJ, IPROSARUDE in partnership with Share-Net International as part of the PILOT PROJECT project FOR THE SET UP AND OPERATION OF THE VIRTUAL HUB, is in the process of developing a mobile application that can be downloaded to android devices running under the mode of Digital Hub. The establishment of this platform will serve to build the capacities of young people and coaches, to organize idea competitions with the support of coaches and experts to create solutions from the problems identified in the community. Finally, some research on young people can be done via this channel in the form of an ideathon. In the piloting phase, this application will be applied to 48 young people from the provinces of Gitega, Kayanza, Cibitoke, Bubanza, Bujumbura, Mairie de Bujumbura, Kirundo and Muyinga. 2. The application menus This application will have as main menus: 1. A database that can be used by users which must cover training manuals, video / links to instructional videos, image boxes, articles, news, etc. This database will include without being exhaustive all the manuals. Reproductive Health Training Courses currently used as the Provider’s Manual on Reproductive Health, The World Starts With Me, Life Skills, and articles and other publications related to the AHYSR theme. 2. Chat with 6 communication channels (channel between young people, channel between coaches, channel between experts, channel between young people and coaches, channel between coaches and experts, moderate channel between young people and experts). The experts will be able to organize virtual conferences for all the young people and coaches according to the themes. 3. Reporting modules with the possibility of exporting the data into the office for further statistical analyzes after admission of the questionnaires to young beneficiaries.