Nkuriza Project

Project goal: To contribute to improving the health of the population by promoting maternal and child health, with greater emphasis on the first thousand days of life and fertility among women of childbearing age.

The Nkuriza project is a World Bank project via the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS.part of the activities has been entrusted to the ACORD/IPROSARUDE Group as service provider to intervene in the province of Cibitoke and Bubanza with 11 communes including 6 in Cibitoke and 5 in Bubanza.the project covers 223 hills including 131 in Cibitoke and 92 in Bubanza.

Within this framework, Groupement ACORD-IPROSARUDE has signed a partnership Contract N° MSPLS/NKURIZA/S/50/2023 with MSPLS/Projet NKURIZA for the implementation of integrated community-based nutrition and family planning interventions in the two provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza.

The Groupement’s mandate under this contract is to support the implementation of community-based interventions defined in Component N°1: “Community-based nutrition interventions for women of childbearing age and children under 2 years of age (first 1,000 days), as well as the use of family planning services in the Project’s intervention zones, and communication activities for social and behavioral change”.

For aspects relating to nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions, the mission aims to achieve the following specific objectives: (i) Improve the demand for and utilization of essential nutrition services, (ii) Develop nutrition activities focused on the window of opportunity of the first 1000 days of life, (iii) Strengthen the capacity of Health Centers to coach community actors and (iv) Ensure food security, access to drinking water and basic sanitation facilities for the most vulnerable households including pregnant and lactating women and children under 5 through nutrition-sensitive community initiatives.

For aspects relating to reproductive health, the mission aims to achieve the following specific objectives: (i) Improve access to reproductive health services in order to reduce the birth rate in Burundi, (ii) Significantly reduce the obstacles that hinder demand for family planning services and (iii) Strengthen innovations aimed at improving the distribution of contraceptives in communities.

For aspects relating to communication for social and behavioral change, the mission aims to achieve the following specific objectives: (i) Improve the level of knowledge and skills of community actors on communication for social and behavioral change for the promotion of nutrition and reproductive health, (ii) Strengthen the capacities of community actors in interpersonal and group communication, negotiation, social mobilization and advocacy and (iii) Guarantee the participation of young people (in and out of school) and the associations representing them in activities promoting social and behavioral change in the fields of nutrition and reproductive health.