RDU: Research Development Unit

The mission of the Research and Development Unit (RDU) ​​is to contribute to the search for new information (knowledge management) to help the planning of new programs and projects based on the evidence. Since its creation in 2015, several studies have been carried out, in particular: – Study of knowledge, attitudes and practices of cervical cancer in the health district of Gitega – Studies of breastfeeding practices in malnutrition in children under the age of – Impacts of anthropometric activities in the Imbo plain – The frequency of precancerous lesions in women screened in the IPROSARUDE clinics in Gitega and Mwaro – Baseline study of the project to improve the well-being of the Batwa community – Study of death rates linked to cervical cancer in the provinces of Gitega and Mwaro – Study of young people’s knowledge of SRH – Study of the savings level of VSLAs supervised by IPROSARUDE in the province of Mwaro – Study of household waste management in the town of Gitega – Satisfaction survey of beneficiaries of IPROSARUDE – Feasibility study on the digital library