The youth volunteer program is an indispensable instrument for youth mobilization and engagement in development and peace initiatives. Young people will be mobilized and engaged in national priorities through IPROSARUDE programs.
The Volunteers Program is a joint program that aims to promote the voluntary participation of Burundian youth in development and social cohesion activities at the community level coordinated by the Government.
This project aims to integrate young people into the world of employment: IPROSARUDE will take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in the world of employment.
The young volunteers will work with the more experienced employees and with this experience; they will have facilities for integration into the world of job search. A part will be integrated into the IPROSARUDE structures themselves or into the partner structures. IPROSARUDE will work mainly with the UNDP National Youth Volunteer Program, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, youth associations such as REJA, etc.
In addition, through this project, IPROSARUDE will set up the saving program which will enable these young people to take charge of their own lives via the entrepreneurship micro-projects.
At least ,through this project,15 young volunteers have been supported 30% of young volunteers integrated in IPROSARUDE staffs.