Dr Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, Director Executive

Dr Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, MD, MPH, Executive Director at IPROSARUDE, born in Burundi, is a public health manager in health programs and projects especially in family planning. He holds a doctorate in general medicine from Burundi University in 2008, an interuniversity diploma (DU) in comprehensive management of HIV/AIDS in the Great Lakes region from the University of Burundi and from the University of Paris 13 in 2012 before starting the course of a master's degree in public health from the IST in Burkina Faso where he received his graduation in 2016.

Dr Jean Pierre began his professional activities at Rutana Hospital in 2008 as a general practitioner for a period of 3 years before joining the Burundian Association for Family Welfare (ABUBEF in acronym) as medical coordinator in 2011 for a period of 3 years. Dr Jean Pierre joined IPROSARUDE in 2014 as Executive Director.

Dr. Jean Pierre has proven experience in the management of health programs and projects, whether at the level of strengthening the health system or community health, in the development of strategic documents, advocacy notes and research work.

Dr Jean Pierre enjoys reading, playing basketball and table tennis, explore the nature, to participating in socio-cultural and humanitarian activities. He is also a founding member of the Rotary Club Rukinzo of Gitega since 2015.