I had bad buddy behaviour with boys……..

My name is GATEKA Dallie Ciella Joyeuse, aged 14, a pupil in the 1st year of basic education, economic section, at the Lycée Stella Alphonse de Makebuko in the commune of Makebuko in the province of Gitega. Before the Tubakarorero project came along, I had bad buddy behaviour with boys, and as a result I was raped one day by my boyfriend during a walk after getting drunk, and I hid it from my parents for fear of punishment. With the arrival of the Tubakarorero project, after seeing the signs of STIs and their consequences, and after seeing the consequences of unwanted pregnancies and abortions among young girls, I got scared and took the decision to completely stop chumming around with boys until I got married. After this event, for my own protection, I decided to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and look for ways to have my own money to avoid falling again into the traps of poisoned gifts from boys. When I’m married, I’m not going to have more than 3 children for my good health and that of the children.

Another thing that interested me about Tubakarorero was the capacity building received by the young volunteers on entrepreneurship, how to write a business plan and other important topics for young people and the research carried out through ideas cube. After researching ideas cube, I found a project for the multiplication of Japanese plums and eggplants, after which I prepared a business plan and asked my father for 20,000FBu in capital to start my project. At present, I can already boast 20 Japanese plum vines ready to bear fruit and a field of eggplants generating an average of 7,000FBu a week. With my eggplant project, I buy everything I can, so I won’t fall into the traps of boys giving me gifts. On the other hand, I advise other young girls to abstain until they get married. My dream is to continue my project until I buy one or two goats from my projects.