The Tubakarorero project saved my life

My name is IRANKEJE Jeannette, aged 25, a member of VSLA TWIYUNGE from colline RWESERO, commune MAKEBUKO in GITEGA province. Before the TUBAKARORERO project came along, I was in a desperate situation because my parents had thrown me out of the family after my boyfriend had knocked me up just after I finished my general humanities studies. Unfortunately, after giving birth, the boy rejected me and refused the child, so I was forced to return to my parents’ home, even though they had kicked me out too, because in Kirundi we say “igito gitabwa iwabo”.

When I arrived home I was welcomed by my parents, but with so many traumas, my life had become very hard. I started to get back to life with the arrival of the TUBAKARORERO project, after joining VSLA where I received capacity building on entrepreneurship, how to write a business plan, SRH, gender equality and the fight against GBV. This knowledge awakened my conscience, I started to write a business plan for a project to sell banana beer and I took out a loan of 30,000FBu with VSLA for this project

What’s more, I’ve prepared another project on the side to buy corn during this season’s harvest. I bought the maize for 50,000FBu, I hope to have 100,000FBu after the sale and my dream is to open a food store.

With the evolution of my projects, I manage to satisfy my basic needs and those of my child without having to turn to anyone else, and I also contribute to the purchase of certain needs in the family, such as soap and cooking salt. After this bad situation, my parents, having seen my achievements and the evolution of my life, have asked me to forgive them, and I’m considered like the other children, which was the opposite before the Tubakarorero project came along. To avoid falling into the same mistakes as before, I’m on contraception and following this disappointment I don’t want to get married any more, I want to look after my child and my business only. What’s more, I need to continue my projects with courage and to be able to pay for my children’s tuition until they go to university.

E.Allickan Niragira