Tubakarorero Project: Young people decide to become entrepreneurs thanks to the knowledge they receive from the Tubakarorero project.

My name is Rosette NSHIMIRIMANA, a young single woman and member of VSLA Tugirumwete from colline Rutanganyika, commune Makebuko in the province of Gitega. Before, I had received some knowledge from the joint program, but with the arrival of the Tubakarorero project I finally concluded that there was other knowledge that I needed as a young girl according to the critical financial situation of my family. With the arrival of the Tubakarorero project, its young volunteers empowered me on gender equality, the fight against GBV, CVC, SRH, entrepreneurship, how to write a business plan and I also received knowledge from the research I carried out individually on ideas cube. After receiving all this knowledge my life has changed, now I have a lot of information about SRH and I dare to have a conversation about SRH with my parents, which was impossible before the Tubakarorero project came along. After this capacity-building on SRH, I made the decision not to have more than 2 children after my marriage, for the sake of my future family. Another thing, with the various knowledge I received from the Tubakarorero project, I finally concluded that a girl is just as capable, which is why I created a mixed soccer team called TURIHAMWE  while ignoring the Burundian mentality which says that a Burundian girl doesn’t play soccer and this one wins a lot at matches. After discovering the amaranth seed multiplication project and the market garden crops on ideas cube, I drew up a business plan and took out a loan of 50,000FBu with VSLA to start the project. With this capital I received a total of 320,000FBu after the first harvest. I continued my project and it grew to over 2,000,000FBu.  In the previous season, for example, I harvested 46kg of amaranth seeds, which gave me 920,000FBu at 20,000FBu per kg, and I still have 4 fields not yet harvested, estimated at 1,000,000FBu, as well as other unaccounted-for market garden crops such as leeks, beet, cabbage and pepper, etc. I’m grateful to the Tubakar project for its support. I’d like to thank the Tubakarorero project, because it’s all thanks to them. After giving me capacity-building on business plan writing, I’ve already won first place in two competitions on bankable business plan writing: the first was at provincial level with other young entrepreneurs, and the second at national level with vegetable farmers. I can also testify that I’ve already given work to 4 people, and I plan to hire at least 30 people in 3 years’ time once my project goes ahead.