HUB-IPROSARUDE training on Entrepreneurship

 As part of the development of the HUB center initiated by IPROSARUDE, an entrepreneurship training was provided in Gitega for 17 young entrepreneurs with business ideas from August 19th to September 25th 2019.

The overall objective of this training was to train future entrepreneurs on the concept of entrepreneurship, with a view to promote the implementation and monitoring of activities that focus on job creation and the resolution of problems related to entrepreneurship.

The expected results of the workshop were presented as follows:

  • Participants have a perfect knowledge of credit access procedures
  • Participants are able to develop their business plan;
  • Participants understand their entrepreneurial role and are able to create their business cooperatives
  • The terms of reference are understood and the outline of the reports elaborated;
  • The activities of the trainer and those of the collaborator are planned;
  • The training report is available

The methodology used consisted of the presentation and explanation of the theme to be exploited, the interactions between the trainer and the participants, the group work for the exchange of experiences, the reporting and the evaluation of the skills of each participant.

In addition to the trainer, the course of the training was animated from time to time by the Executive Secretary of IPROSARUDE and one of the agents of a microfinance called CECM (Coopérative d’Epargne et de Crédit Mutuel in french) to help participants to become familiar with the basics of project development and to understand all stages of access to credit before forming their business co-operatives.

During this training, 16 following topics were well taught and assimilated: Life skills, Types of life skills for entrepreneurs, Analysis of some entrepreneurial skills, Simulation exercises, Entrepreneurial analysis, Creation process and management of a company, Concept of business ideas, How to find a good business idea, Types of companies, IGAs, Entrepreneurship and Financial Solidarity Groups, Business Start-Up Steps, Credit Access Procedure, SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), Fundamentals of Project Development, Business Development a business plan (Introduction, Summary, Presentation of Objectives, Vision, Mission, Value Proposition, Production Plan, Management Plan, Marketing Plan, BIF Financial Plan and Appendices).

All these themes were validated by all stakeholders before their theoretical implementation. This validation was supported by 2 visits of Gitega businesses in order to give participants opportunities to get in touch with entrepreneurs who have already successfully set up their businesses, which allowed them to understand the constraints of running a business.

The participation rate by gender was evaluated at 6 boys (35.3%) and 11 girls (64.7%). They were all satisfied with the training and promise to put their business ideas into practice.

In order to sustain these projects that will soon be initiated by these participants, HUB/IPROSARUDE will constantly monitor the implementation and the execution of these projects.