VSLA Capacity Building in Kayanza

As part of the VSLA strategy, IPROSARUDE organized VSLA capacity building in Gatara commune precisely at Muhingira hill. This capacity building targeted VSLA’s members and VSLA’s supervisors of Kayanza and Gatara communes.

The SSR-Amagara meza Project is carried out in 3 provinces of the IPROSARUDE’s intervention zone, namely the provinces of Mwaro, Gitega and Kayanza. During October 2019, a session of capacity building was organized in order to reinforce the capacities of the VSLAs. The purpose of the session was to remind VSLA members and put into practice the use of savings and credit tools as well as the completeness of attendance records. Indeed, the proper tracking of a VSLA’s savings level can only be effective if the savings and credit tools are well completed and well preserved.

At the end of the session, another partner working with VSLAs (UCBUM) distributed the savings tools including each member’s notebooks and attendance registers. A total of 2260 notebooks and 115 standard registers have been distributed. The activities ended with a word of thanks to all the participants and the staff of IPROSARUDE and UCBUM reminded VSLA members who were present to complete and keep well the tools. The participants expressed their satisfaction and promised that they will use very well the distributed tools.