PEKA celebrates one year

Polyclinique Espoir de Kayanza (PEKA) blew its 1st candle on February 15, 2020. It has been a year that medical and non-medical staff have been working to provide good quality care services to the population of Kayanza province.

PEKA offers different types of services including general consultations, pediatric consultations, gynecological consultations, ophthalmology, dentistry, laboratory and imaging (ultrasound) services.

During the year 2019, 10636 people attended the clinic services. The majority of these patients consulted the ophthalmology department. In total, the ophthalmology department was able to perform 7066 ophthalmic consultations. From August 2019, free ophthalmic consultations were offered to the population and many persons were able to have access to the consultations. It is important to notice that the number of ophthalmology consultations during the second semester is almost three times the one in the 1st semester. In fact, 1767 ophthalmological consultations were carried out during the 1st semester against 5299 ophthalmic consultations during the second semester.

For consultations by a generalist, 3361 consultations were done. In the dentistry department, a total of 1704 procedures were performed, including 817 consultations in dentistry. The laboratory was able to perform 4579 laboratory examinations.

In Kayanza, IPROSARUDE follows VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) which are monitored and whose members have benefited from capacity building to better conduct their savings and loan activities. A total of 118 VSLAs exist in the communes of Kayanza and Gatara.

We wish good success to PEKA.