Annual report 2018

During the year of 2018, IPROSARUDE has carried out projects in collaboration with various partners. With a budget of 1,408,989,295 BIF (USD 787,584), IPROSARUDE focused on clinical and community projects.

 The planned activities were realize and these include:

  • The establishment of a center for information, training and research for young people in Gitega (CEFIR),
  • The implementation of the JOINT PROGRAM and mass sensitization,
  • The offer of services in different clinics and different health centers specialized in sexual and reproductive health services.  175143 services  were offered,
  • The participation in  celebration of different national days (Mother-child health Day, World Health Day,…),
  • The distribution of health insurance cards to vulnerable people,
  • Cervical cancer screening campaigns with 653 screened women, 2.1% of whom had precancerous lesions,
  • Sensitization sessions on different thematics where 120376 people were sensitized,
  • The creation and supervision of 235 VSLAs in the provinces of Mwaro and Gitega,
  • The participation in the regional research workshop

We thank all the partners who contributed directly or indirectly to the realization of these activities, in particular the Government of Burundi, Care International Burundi and Segal Family Foundation.