Iprosarude participates in an open day of care Burundi at the Royal Palace Hotel.

This Friday, December 11, 2020, Iprosarude (Initiative for the Promotion of Rural Health and Development) participated in an open day, organized by Care Burundi. This day was organized on high community impact approaches and took place in one of the rooms of the Royal Palace Hotel in Bujumbura. It was a day to value the partnership but also to innovate together.

Indeed, each partner should have its stand according to the POWERS model used by Care Burundi and its partners. It was an opportunity for Iprosarude to explain to the visitors of its stand, the challenges faced in sexual and reproductive health and the innovative approaches used to overcome them as well as its commitment to the promotion of rural health and development.  

Thus, within the Menyumenyeshe project, innovative approaches such as Sasa, comprehensive community approaches, comprehensive school approaches were used to integrate everyone in the response to the challenges related to sexual and reproductive health among young people aged 10 to 24.

During this open day, the guests were able to become aware of the issue related to reproductive health and welcomed the approaches used by Iprosarude: “The comprehensive community approaches and comprehensive school approaches are interesting. The issue of sexual and reproductive health is delicate in the context of Burundi, it is even taboo. It’s even taboo. Involving everyone, I think it’s well thought out,” said one of the visitors to the Iprosarude booth.

 It is reported that this open day was rich in color and diversity. More than 11 organizations including Iprosarude, Service Yezu Mwiza, Sacodé, GLID, RBU 2000+, ABUBEF, Abatangamuco, FVS Children’s Friends, MIPAREC, partners of care Burundi participated, and each one should animate its stand.