World AIDS Day 2020: Voluntary testing services are available in the polyclinics of Iprosarude

Although the world has made great strides since the late 1990s, HIV remains a major global public health issue. As with many other major health problems, the VIDOC-19 pandemic creates additional challenges.

HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services have all been disrupted by the pandemic, particularly in countries with weak health systems. The deterioration of these essential services threatens lives. Any slowdown in their delivery will expose many vulnerable populations to an increased risk of HIV infection and AIDS-related death. Nevertheless, health workers and community representatives around the world are working to ensure continuity of services, adopting innovative ways to address the dysfunction caused by VIDC-19.

On this World AIDS Day 2020, Iprosarude (Initiative for the Promotion of Rural Health and Development) has launched an appeal to all those who want to be voluntarily tested for HIV/AIDS to come to its polyclinics. Voluntary HIV/AIDS testing services are available at its Polyclinics in Gitega, Kayanza and in Mwaro province.

It is to be noted that on December 1, 2020, the World Health Organization joined with its partners to pay tribute to all those who provide HIV services and to invite world leaders and citizens around the globe to engage in a global solidarity drive to preserve essential HIV services during the VIDC-19 pandemic and beyond. It is a call to prioritize action for vulnerable groups, who are already at risk, and to extend coverage to children and adolescents.