Covid-19: Reminding health care providers to respect barrier measures

 The press release of the Burundian Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS of Wednesday, January 13, 2021 on the 100 new cases leaves no one indifferent.

Indeed, the Burundian government has taken measures and other resolutions.  These include the closure of borders, the re-launch of the national mass and voluntary testing campaign “Ndakira, sinandura Kandi sinanduza Korona virus”. In addition, the Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security subsequently ordered the wearing of masks for all public transport drivers and customers.  This was followed by correspondence from institutions that require the wearing of masks to service providers. 

Faced with this increase in cases of COVID-19 contamination in Burundi, Iprosarude held training and information sessions for all health providers working in all its polyclinics in the provinces of Gitega, Kayanza and Mwaro. According to Dr. Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, health care providers are the most exposed to COVID-19 contamination because they receive patients from diverse backgrounds. Health care providers should be reminded of the appropriate barrier measures to protect patients and themselves.

 Thus, Iprosarude would like to remind that the Covid-19 pandemic is present. The virus is circulating and the danger of contracting the disease is real. 

At a time when a second wave of contamination has been recorded in several provinces of the country, a cautious attitude must remain the way of life for everyone.  The time has always come for rigorous observation of barrier measures and scrupulous compliance with government measures; the only means to stop the spread of covid-19, to protect oneself and others, in particular the wearing of masks anywhere within the hospital premises, remains systematic and obligatory; hand hygiene must remain the rule; a physical distance of at least one meter remains in force, especially when it is not necessary to consult a patient by touching him or her.  Dr. Jean Pierre hammered.

Clinics managers have been specifically instructed to ensure that the edited measures are followed. Iprosarude therefore calls for individual and collective responsibility in order to fight effectively against Covid-19 and to ensure that no one can contract the virus in its polyclinics.