Promotion of sexual reproductive and maternal health services by Iprosarude in Burundi

To increase the demand for and use of family planning (FP) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and to fight against gender-based violence (GBV) in the communities on the one hand, and to ensure the supply of comprehensive integrated services (SRH-SMN-PF-GBV) of high quality and available in Iprosarude’s health facilities on the other hand, this is the goal of the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and maternal health services promoted by Iprosarude in Burundi.

Since 2016, Iprosarude has been working to improve the rights and services in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, maternal health (family planning), fight against sexual violence adapted to adolescents, young people and women of reproductive age in the provinces of Gitega, Kayanza, Bubanza, Cibitoke, Makamba, Mwaro.., 

Our community and school-based approaches have contributed to breaking down social, cultural and economic barriers to access to maternal health and sexual reproductive health and the knowledge and practices of adolescent girls and women of reproductive age regarding family planning, sexual and reproductive health and gender-based sexual violence. Appropriate quality care was provided in Iprosarude’s health facilities and in the youth-friendly health centers created within the framework of the Menyumenyeshe joint program. This was a program that Iprosarude implemented in partnership with care Burundi under funding from the Dutch Embassy in Burundi.

The accompaniment of the beneficiaries enabled them (adolescents, youth, women and men) to master at least 3 modern contraceptive methods and to be active in sensitizing and mobilizing the community of other families so that they in turn could integrate family planning services. The knowledge gained has enabled adolescent girls and women to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unwanted and early pregnancies.