March 24, 2021, World TB Day: “The Clock Is Ticking

Iprosarude and community radios together against TB

It’s time to act! It’s time to end TB (tuberculosis)! Years go by, but there is still no consistent response to the fight against tuberculosis, even though its negative impact on the daily life of the population is no longer in question.

As we all know, March 24 of each year is celebrated the World Day to fight against tuberculosis. It is a day to raise public awareness about the devastating health and socio-economic consequences of this infectious disease, one of the most deadly in the world, which takes no less than 3 lives every minute; and to intensify action to make a greater effort to end the epidemic. It is also in remembrance of March 24, 1882, when Dr. Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the bacillus that causes tuberculosis, thus paving the way for diagnosis and treatment. 

This year we commemorate this day under the theme “The Clock is Ticking” and more specifically in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, COVID-19 has set back the fight against TB by 8 years. We must make up for lost time. This theme reminds us that we must act on the commitments that world leaders have made to expand access to prevention and treatment, to increase accountability, to ensure access to adequate and sustainable funding, including for research, and to eliminate stigma and discrimination.

Speaking on Ubuzima Fm radio, Dr. Wilson Nkurunziza, Head of Iprosarude’s Kayanza Hope Clinic, emphasized that we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that TB remains a health challenge not only for poor countries but also for rich countries. For every day that passes, more lives are taken because of tuberculosis and others come into contact with it yet preventable and curable. But thanks to the worldwide efforts made since 2000 more and more lives are saved.

For years great progress has been made to prevent and treat this disease but much remains to be done.

Indeed, in view of the not so famous data and the danger of this disease, Iprosarude took the opportunity to raise awareness against tuberculosis through community radios in Burundi.

The clock is ticking, it’s up to everyone to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Iprosarude remains open to partnership to end the TB epidemic.