HUB-IPROSARUDE: About 40 young people trained on nutrition in Gitega

Rural development, considered in Africa, especially in Burundi, as a priority and an essential tool in the fight against poverty and youth unemployment, must, in order to be more effective, overcome a certain number of constraints such as the circulation of information, adequate professional training for youth, and institutional coordination of the various actors. These factors illustrate the complexity of the development process, which “classic” interventions often find themselves unable to address.

Due to a lack of information, communication and investment in the capitalization of experiences, successes are poorly known and failures are often reproduced.

According to a study conducted by ISTEBU in Burundi, among the main obstacles to employment and creativity for young people, the lack of professional experience comes first. A third of young people consider this to be the greatest difficulty. A lack of experience linked to the training chosen by young graduates. For most of them, this choice was crucial in their job search. One out of ten young people regret that their training is not adapted to the job market or that it is not well recognized by professionals. Others also complained about the lack of capacity building centers after their university studies or after the end of their secondary education.

It is with the aim of solving these problems of the youth that IPROSARUDE decided to create a training, information and research center, called HUB-IPROSARUDE in Gitega.

This center provides different types of training: entrepreneurship, nutrition, computer science, reproductive health, Wash, … After these trainings, evaluations are conducted by experts to ensure that the learners have acquired sufficient knowledge.

According to him, this center, the first of its kind in the province of Gitega, has come to meet a crucial need for vocational training of young people who, for the most part, due to lack of professional skills, adopt inappropriate behaviors with the consequences of prostitution, delinquency, sexually transmitted diseases…

Therefore, at least 40 young people received training on nutrition in this Hub-Iprosarude from April 19 to 22, 2021.  The young participants registered voluntarily. They wished to be strengthened in nutrition in order to start their own projects with the necessary skills as the majority of them are engaged in agriculture.

The training sessions were facilitated by Dr. Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, Executive Secretary of IPROSARUDE.  He encouraged them to use the knowledge acquired in the HUB-IPROSARUDE to develop their own business and thus face the unemployment that haunts Burundian youth.