HUB-IPROSARUDE: At least 43 laureates certified in nutrition, entrepreneurship and computer science

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, IPROSARUDE (Initiative for the Promotion of Rural Health and Development) proceeded to the presentation of certificates to the laureates of the first promotion of the HUB  Innovation, Training and Research located in Gitega. A total of 43 young people who have been certified have completed the training in the 3 sections of computer science, nutrition and entrepreneurship.   

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, Executive Director of IPROSARUDE, expressed his satisfaction with what his organization has already accomplished and thanked all those who joined them for the presentation of these certificates. I thank all those who came to support the certification activity. The trainings we are giving in this innovation HUB fit with the objective of Iprosarude which is to support sustainable development, reduce youth unemployment, self-development. “It is time for young people to stop thinking that the government is the only employer. It is time they start to fly on their own wings and create their own jobs based on the knowledge received during the training in this Hub of Iprosarude. Dr. Jean Pierre said.

Dr. Jean Pierre added: “We have trained the youth in nutrition because malnutrition is rampant in Burundi. We expect them to help others in their localities to acquire knowledge on how to prepare their food and cope with malnutrition.

Dr. Toyi Gabriel, Medical Director of the Gitega health province, praised the efforts of Iprosarude in promoting health, quality services and supporting sustainable development. For him, the innovation HUB that Iprosarude has implanted in the province of Gitega testifies without any doubt its interest in the self-development of youth.

In the speech of the Legal Representative, Dr. Joseph Bigirimana, expressed his feelings of gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the success of these young laureates, from the beginning of their registration to the certification. Dr. Joseph, advised these young people to form development networks, to unite their strength to face the high unemployment rate in Burundi.

He then thanked the partners of IPROSARUDE, especially Care International in Burundi which supports this HUB-IPROSARUDE especially by providing the necessary equipment to facilitate learning and development of young people who attend.