SMS to raise awareness of the right actions against covid-19

In January 2021, Burundi had a mobile penetration rate of 53%.  The cell phone confirms its image as the preferred medium for transmitting information and sending messages to the population using various technologies such as SMS (Short Message Service) and voice.

Via cell phones, smartphones and other mobile terminals, Iprosarude seizes the opportunity to make available verified information so that the population can make informed choices to protect themselves and others. In collaboration with Sacodé, and with the support of the Segal Family Foundation, Iprosarude has set up a system that facilitates access to information about Covid-19 through a technology that is accessible to all: SMS.

The SMS campaigns were launched to raise awareness among young people, members of savings and credit groups set up by Iprosarude, and health care providers about prevention methods and the symptoms of the coronavirus disease. Since the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Burundi, about 38,000 people have been reached regularly via SMS.

These sensitized people finally play the role of relay of information.

                                                        E.Allickan Niragira