Finally, I feel valued…….

The Non-Profit Association Initiative for the Promotion of Rural health  and Development   has been able to help several families in Burundi access small loans, which has greatly improved their lives.

Kwizera Philippe is a member of a solidarity group in Gakenke hill, like Gatara zone in Kayanza province. His village savings and credit group, known as VSLA, was created by IPROSARUDE in January 2019. Since then, group members have been saving money and obtaining loans.

The group started with about 30 members. IPROSARUDE mobilized its volunteers and supervisors who sensitized on the importance of VSLAs in order to contribute to the well-being of the communities. The results are satisfactory because the members of these savings and credit groups have already invested in a few things. Philippe Kwizera is pleased:

“Thanks to the comforting message of IPROSARUDE, trust, faith and mutual respect are what keeps us going and thanks to that, our objectives are achieved. IPROSARUDE has set up mentors who follow us every week”. Philippe says that after the first sharing, he decided to buy a cow. Father of 5 children, he thought that the cow could help him fertilize his soil and increase his harvest to feed his family and give milk to his children.  This has significantly changed his life and that of his family.

“I am very grateful for this VSLA project of IPROSARUDE because it made us realize that we are not poor. Before, we had no chance to save and plan, but that is exactly what this project has taught us, I manage to find enough to feed my children and buying school materials is not a problem anymore. Says Mr. Philippe. “Having a cow has always been my dream. I finally feel valued. I can sit with other men of my age and now I am respected and there are those who call me “Boss”, I am proud. Thanks to IPROSARUDE. He added.

He hopes that the project will reach other people who are not yet aware of this kind of wisdom and that they will be encouraged to form or join their own groups.

                                                                                         By E. Allickan Niragira