Global Entrepreneurship Week: IPROSARUDE is committed to coaching young people to develop an entrepreneurial spirit

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is a global event, a must for all actors who want to inspire, promote and support the development of the entrepreneurial culture and innovation in the world.

During this week, the Association Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement (IPROSARUDE) was involved in supporting young entrepreneurs through its innovation and training HUB located in the province of Gitega.

From November 9 to 13, IPROSARUDE organized free training sessions over the course of several days through workshops on: project management, management of a microenterprise, writing a business plan, the steps to create a company, the steps to take before creating a company, 12 ways to find an idea for creating a company, 5 tips for financing your project and many other activities.

With its HUB, IPROSARUDE reinforces its presence in the local development sector through numerous actions with the youth and the population in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to Dr. Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, Executive Director of IPROSARUDE, the 2021 edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), focuses on the importance of the values that drive each entrepreneur. Behind each project is a deep desire to change the world in their own way and to make it evolve positively.

Every year in November, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) celebrates entrepreneurship and its actors. This year, the theme is “Responsible Entrepreneurship”. 

A well chosen theme according to Dr. Jean Pierre, because in this week dedicated to entrepreneurship, IPROSARUDE has trained young people who will build the Burundi of tomorrow, true responsible entrepreneurs.

The IPROSARUDE Association has given itself the ultimate objective of inspiring, connecting, coaching in order to encourage young people to engage in entrepreneurship.

It should be noted that the Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated every year from November 8 to 14.

                                                                    Niragira E.Allickan