Tubakarorero Project: The Care-Cordaid consortium intends to support the government of Burundi to revitalize the youth centers

Within the framework of the Tubakarorero project, financed by the Netherlands Embassy, the Care-Cordaid consortium intends to support the government of Burundi to revitalize the youth centers spread out in all the provinces of the country.  Thus, in collaboration with the Ministry of East African Community Affairs (EACA), Youth, Sports and Culture, the consortium has commissioned a work to identify youth centers throughout the country. In a meeting to analyze the results and assess the state of youth centers, held at the Kings Conference Center Hotel on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the two parties noted that out of 88 youth centers identified, more than half require rehabilitation. By 2022, the consortium will support the Ministry of Youth to revitalize more than 45 centers throughout the country.

According to Dr. Jacqueline Nintunze, Team Leader of the Tubakarorero Project at Care International in Burundi, the choice of 45 youth centers to be revitalized in the first year of the Tubakaro project is made in collaboration with the Ministry of the East African Community (EAC), Youth, Sports and Culture. These are centers that are still in good condition, which does not require major work. These centers will host young people who will benefit from training on entrepreneurship, sexual and reproductive health and other topics. 

The youth need an appropriate learning environment and exchanges outside the traditional arenas, in order to cultivate freedom of thought, critical thinking, innovation and  learn from each other. 

Dr. Joseph Bigirimana, Legal Representative of the association Iprosarude (Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement), Care’s partner and one of the implementing organizations of the Tubakarorero project in the provinces of Kayanza, Gitega and Bubanza, said that Iprosarude will do its utmost to ensure that the youth centers are opportunities to test new approaches to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills, a gateway to topics of interest to youth. This is to enable them to become stakeholders in more effective and sustainable development. 

Mr. Samuel Niyubahwe, Director General of the Department of Youth, Sport and Culture at the Ministry, praised the consortium’s activities with Burundian youth and its support to the government of Burundi. He then thanked the Netherlands Embassy, the Care-Cordaid consortium for this activity of identification of youth centers and its commitment to revitalize them through the Tubakarorero project.   “The idea of supporting the government of Burundi to revitalize the youth centers is to bring out a youth capable of influencing the choices of society in areas of activity located at the center of economic and social development. The ministry having in its attributions the youth supports any activity which promotes the self-development of the Burundian youth”. Mr. Samuel said.   He added that it is crucial to support the youth to enable them to build by themselves a fairer world by strengthening both their expertise and their ability to take a stand for inclusive development.

It should be noted that the meeting ended with the exchange of the priority activity for next year, the renewal of the youth center committees. This activity will be facilitated by the provincial representatives of the Ministry of Youth in collaboration with the provincial coaches of the Tubakarorero project.

                                                                                E. Allickan Niragira