The 2020 Year was special marked by an election period and an unprecedented crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected almost all of the life of the country. Despite this turbulent period, IPROSARUDE with your support has been able to continue its works of serving the community. These include :

  • The implementation of the comprehensive school approach and the comprehensive community approach among the youth of the 4 provinces (Gitega, Kayanza, Bubanza and Cibitoke) and through this program, 807296 services have been offered.
  • – 112,558 health services were offered including 59512 eye care, 27214 laboratory tests,5478 dental care and 3156 ultrasounds.
    – savings and credit groups received technical support with a portfolio of 112,580 BIF per month per VSLA(Village Savings and Loan Association)
  • – The establishment of a digital hub
    – Training of 200 providers on the prevention and management of Covid-19