Kayanza: Granting of health insurance cards to 500 vulnerable households in the communes of Kayanza and Gatara

The association Iprosarude granted this Thursday, health assistance cards (CAM), to 500 vulnerable households in the communes of Kayanza and Gatara in the province of Kayanza. On this occasion, Dr. Albin Nininahazwe  Head of the polyclinic Hope of Kayanza, set up by Iprosarude, said that this gesture was made in the context of promoting the health of vulnerable people. He explained that the priority was to identify vulnerable people from the Batwa communities as well as the elderly. This identification was done in collaboration with the local administration at the base.

The beneficiaries of these health assistance cards expressed their satisfaction, pointing out that in order to obtain health care expenses, they resorted to credits or to low-paid tasks. According to them, it can happen that a child lacks health care because of poverty, especially among the Batwa community. They ask other associations to support this first one in this field, as other vulnerable people exist at the hill level.

The advisor to the Governor of Kayanza Province, Mr. Sylvain Bakanibona, thanked Iprosarude for its perfect collaboration with the administration and its habit of assisting vulnerable people, especially in the improvement of health and in other community development projects.

He called on other associations to join Iprosarude to accompany the population in development. He also said that the administration will continue to support any person or association that gives itself for the welfare of the population.

                                                                                          E.Allickan Niragira