Nkuriza Project: Sayana-Press, a new family planning method within reach of communities

The ACORD-IPROSARUDE consortium, through the Nkuriza project, organized a follow-up workshop on the introduction of the Sayana-Press family planning method for members of the District Health Office, Provincial Health Office, Provincial Health Officers and Technicians, as well as representatives of NGOs working in the field. The workshop took place this Wednesday, June 22, 2023 in the province of Cibitoke. 

The workshop, which was made possible thanks to the technical and financial support of the World Bank through the Nkuriza project implemented by the ACORD-IPROSARUDE consortium in the provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza, was launched on Wednesday, June 22, 2023 in the capital of Cibitoke province. 

For Christoph Nduwayezu, an expert in family planning (FP) in Cibitoke province, this orientation workshop is a kind of roadmap in the process of introducing the new form of FP, an injectable product called SAYANA-Press, into health facilities and communities in Cibitoke province, as well as a common understanding of the benefits of Sayana-Press by all stakeholders.

 “The aim of this workshop is to guide managers, providers and other stakeholders to assess the status of FP indicators in general and Sayana-Press in particular in the community during 2023, assess the state of contraceptive supplies at all levels of the health pyramid and at community delivery points, identify the various challenges linked to the supply of “Sayana Press” at community level, and work together to identify approaches and solutions that could influence the acceleration of adherence to “Sayana Press” at community level. said Mr Christoph.

During the discussions, participants confirmed that, in general, Sayana-Presse is more widely used throughout the province of Cibitoke than other methods available in health centers.

“In fact, 80% of the women who attend our health center prefer sayana-Press, because according to the comments of our beneficiaries, this method has minor side effects. But also, for us nurses, sayana-Press is very easy to inject and we use very little time”. Nyavyishi Jacqueline, a nurse at the Ruhagarika health center.

Introducing Sayana-Press into the community means increasing the choice women can make, and therefore increasing the possibility and accessibility of women to the family planning method, in an attempt to reduce unmet need for family planning and increase contraceptive prevalence. Mr. Christoph added, inviting all stakeholders to get involved in the effective introduction of this new method in health facilities, community relays and, in short, in the health system of the Cibitoke province.

All the speakers at the workshop emphasized the advantages of sayana-Press, which can make an enormous contribution to improving access to safe and effective family planning services, and to increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate.

It should be noted that the government of Burundi, through the Nkuriza project, is committed to the process of repositioning family planning in order to reduce maternal mortality and benefit from the demographic dividend.

                                                                                           E.Allickan Niragira